Drugs x Creativity

Mind altering psychological substances and articulations of existence.

Love without bearing false witness.

mysterified said: you are extremely cute and i love your septum, i've always wanted to get one but i'm not sure if it would look good on me haha

Why thank you :). I think getting my septum pierced was one of my better choices and you should, in my opinion they fit people that have the same sort of innocent vibe your face does.

teen-distortions said: you're real attractive but anyway what do you personally experience while on ambien. jus curious haha rad blog by the way

Thank you, I like your hair in your icon picture btw.
Well I know Ambien is a sedative used for people with insomnia and it does make me relaxed like xanax would but personally it tends to give me more energy and a really intense head high that I’d describe as almost a delirious state. For example, I took some once at a Christmas gathering in my town and ended up lost for about an hour. The following day I’ll remember about 35% of the things I did on it though because one of the side-effects of Ambien is memory loss. I suck at explaining things in my opinion, but I hope your satisfied with this answer lol. 

Why I like drugs. Circa 3:26am

It’s more than the effects, it’s more than the experiences, it’s more than the life lessons and good times. These alter states of consciousness provide me with a special escape. Not an escape from any problems in my life, but an escape to an almost child like mentality. An escape where what I view as important is what matters and what the world views as important falls to a level of insignificance. On this plane finishing a painting holds more weight than attending college and being creative is more of an accomplishment than finding a career. In this place I am free to apply myself to any task without societies notions of how it will advance me in the “real world”. In this space that drugs provide me I am giving the ability to perceive levels of importance from a child-like view. In this space fixing breakfast for myself is giving the praise of a high school graduation. In this space finding a pair of socks, whether they match or not, is followed by the same sense of accomplishment as getting a promotion. in this space money, grades, and anxieties don’t exist. In this space the most important thing in the universe is just existing in these moments.

Diablo, Mac Miller

“The message of psychedelics is that culture can be re-engineered as a set of emotional and spiritual values rather than products.”

—   Terence Mckenna
We. Are. Indigos. 

We. Are. Indigos. 


Create something no matter what it is.
Physical or intangible.

humiliation-illustration-deacti said: I love your artwork and I would love to see whats inside your mind.

I need to post more recent artwork, but Thanks I appreciate it 😊.



My nigga! :)